Doctor Musical Instruments is a shop and repair lab specializing in selling, repairing, renovating, restoring, tuning and building musical instruments.
"Doctor Musical Instruments" established and managed by Mr. Simha Akilov.
Simha has many years of experience in the field of musical instruments (since 1974). He specializes in renovations, repairs, advanced technological tuning and construction of internationally recognized instruments.
In the "Doctor Musical Instruments" showroom you can hear and experience the spectacular display of a variety of musical instruments:
Pianos, Accordions, Keyboards, Guitars, Various string instruments, Bow instruments, Drums, Ethnic musical instruments, accessories, strings, and so on. In addition to the store we have a repair workshop that provides service to a variety of instruments listed above at a high professional level.
Our clients includes musicians at professional and amateur levels. Also orchestras and schools that regularly enjoy kind and professional service.